The struggle is…

Knowing that the human heart was built to break, and when it does, as it will, the feeling is a way of remembering the deep things of life that need remembering.

Chapter 20, page 171, Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry

That is my grief. And if I may hazard a guess it could very well summarize yours also.

Within it is the trust and permission that we so long for both from God, from others and mostly from ourselves. To be able to move into our life after.

For me this is where my faith comes in. My faith in my savior Yeshua (Jesus) and an after life where there will be no more crying, tears, and pain. Yet, often the resulting grief from the death of my young wife has thrown a silence over my faith.

The struggle is real…

Do I blame God? Am I angry with God? Her death irrevocably altered my life. I say I still believe and I go through the motions on the outside, showing an image to the world, but inside… do I believe?

Chapter 20, page 172, Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry

My journey is one of faith, sometimes real and heavy and other times faint and seemingly non-existent. All the while God, even after the publication of my memoir continues to whisper,

“Trust me.”

That is mostly all I hear when I voice the questions that still haunt me both in the days and the nights. He is asking me to trust him, yes, but also to trust myself. More so to give myself permission to grieve, to feel it all. The sadness, the anger, the pain, and now the joy that can be found in my life after. Letting ourselves feel it all and not riding off from it.

The struggle is…

When God seems silent and distant, we should desire to remain there, captured by him.

Chapter 20, page 176, Cowboys Are Not Supposed to Cry

Now, the choice is yours. What will you choose?

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