God Is Awake! – 2016 Election


As we hopefully conclude this seemingly never-ending journey of election drama and the fate of America and every American supposedly hanging in the balance, tonight I will lay my head on my pillow and rest. For I know that whatever tomorrow brings,

I will continue to believe that God is awake!

No matter which candidate wins, whether America wins or loses in the words of the philosopher Annie,

The sun will come out tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow

There’ll be sun

Silly? Maybe. A false hope? I don’t think so. We never know what tomorrow may bring but every hope and dream is worth saving. This is your life, here and now, each moment of each day. In the words of the band Switchfoot,

Every breath that you take is a miracle

Life is short I want to live it well

And we never forget that kings and princes are ordained and toppled, while seemingly ‘ordinary’ people may be born for a time such as this. We are strong and despite circumstances that may cause us to doubt, keep the faith and just believe.

God is Awake!

PS – Go read a great blog’7 Things I Learned This Election Season‘ by BeautyBeyondBones, she nails it and encourages us all to prayerfully consider our vote. It matters! Have a great day!

Discarded Myths – What is truth?

discarded-mythsWhat is truth?

Can you answer that question for yourself, or if asked by others?

I so often struggle with the question, for what is truth? Is it based on our feelings, our emotions, our circumstances? The things we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears or smell with our nose? Something we can hold, something we can own?

Or is truth something more?

To paraphrase the Grinch, “… maybe it doesn’t come from a store. Maybe… perhaps… it means a little bit more!”

I believe there is a reality beyond what we can always see. It lies at the intersection of the physical and spiritual worlds, and then sometimes, when the veil is thin we are allowed a glimpse. A glimpse into the truth of reality. For now we must rest in the assurance of myths that hold an element of the truth and the narrow path upon which it lies.

For truth is still truth: whether I, you, we or anyone else chooses to believe it or not.

For now we must listen to the voices of myth. Those myths of a God, a power greater than ourselves, that is what I believe in. Legends of a God who became man and walked among us with only love. He weeps for the lost and the evil in the world but the tales hold the truth in the words they speak. May we each be strong, help one another and stay on the path to the truth, for he and a greater future awaits us, if we dare.



The Perfect Storm…


Complacency – In life we can easily become complacent and settle until we are shaken back to movement.

Reluctance – We can feel mired in a state of stagnant desires that holds us fast with no strength to move.

Anxiety – Overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and thoughts of what the hell is going on?

We so often allow emotions to control our lives. Each day, we allow opportunities to pass us by while we stand afraid to move. Our dreams slipping from our hands. It paralyzes us in social encounters laying on a fear of failure and even success. Our hopes and passions slowly fading in the distance.

The Perfect Storm – Recent events at work, at home and in my own heart have left me feeling confused and somewhat despondent. One minute I am okay, then angry, then blase before plunging into somber feelings of discontent. Yes, a perfect storm of sorts.

And yet, here in America, some are facing hurricanes in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. fearing for their safety and that of their loved ones. Not to mention the possibility of losing there possessions. Others are faced everyday with fears of discrimination, harassment and even death. Some don’t know where their next meal will come from or where they will lay there head down at night.

I really don’t have it so bad. I am blessed, and I am reminded as I will remind you to be grateful for what you have. Say a prayer for those less fortunate than you and do something to help if you can.

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives