Cemetery Visions – a “poetic duet” with Hastywords! Be sure to check out her blog for her other works! Thanks Hasty for the collaboration!


Florida Nat'l Cemetery Florida Nat’l Cemetery

Written by Mark Schutter and HastyWords 

Visions of memories long since lost
Silent voices cry from beyond the looking glass
Frozen emotions flow like rivers of ice
Eyes of stone gaze upon pacification by force

Ancestors once prayed long and hard
For the freedoms they hoped would endure
But time ticks away all false pretenses
And burnt wood smells of saint hoods

Legends dance along the song lines
Truth vanishes like smoke in the sky
Holding dear to the skewed memories
Our hearts fondly remember yesterday

Cement stones dot the golden horizon
As we sit imagining their pasts unfolding
Each of us with ancestors we honor this day
This day of forever in memoriam to them


Thank you Mark for writing with me.

More of Mark’s work can be found at Maleko’s Art

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