It seemed a day like any other day,    

where adults worked and children played.

The sun shone brightly somewhere in the sky,

I stand silently motionless as the moments slip by.

A portrayal of stillness, masks the depths of fear,

the slowing heart beats faintly of all I hold dear.

The seconds tick by each quicker than the last,

no future secure, just trying to hold onto the past.

A moment approaches so gentle in all of its grace,

heavens curtains opened to reveal God’s face.

Then the curtains close that once were unfurled,

realizing I’ve been over the edge of the world.

 Previously written poem – Maleko ©2009

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  1. Mark,

    This was absolutely beautiful. As I read, “heavens curtains opened to reveal God’s face,” and as I looked at your photo, I could picture the heavens opening, as God looked on. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your gift and for giving God the glory!

    Many blessings,

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl! I truly appreciate it. The poem was based on the death of a loved one but as CS Lewis said God uses pain to rouse a deaf world. He reveals His glory through painful times so often. I believe there are better things ahead of us than what we leave behind. God Bless you!

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