As the sun spirals quickly down

Into eternity’s sweet depths

Lavender smells waft on the evening breeze

Bask in the fading light

And sounds of a magical flute

The willows sing in the wind

We are heirs to the grace and mystery

That around us always abounds

~M ©2013

The FWF prompt this week is a word bank…

sweet – lavender – flute – heir – willow – bask

Free writing is what is called stream of consciousness writing, no editing, no proofing just writing! Please check out Kellie Elmore’s official site for more information. Post your submission with a comment and link to your blog on Kellie’s blog, post on twitter with the hashtag #FWF, Facebook and join the fun!

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    1. Thank you Annie! Yeah, I believe the greatest mystery and grace lies on the other side of the undiscovered and to paraphrase CS Lewis if we long for something not in this world the simple answer is we were made for another world. Thanks again!

  1. I swear, I want everything you write put on a plaque to hang on my wall. ♥ You have such a gift. Thank you for always showing up and giving me something wonderful to read, Mark.

    1. Thank you Kellie! I find a lot of the time it is my surroundings that speak the words to me sparked by your prompts. This one was written outside at our picnic table in the back yard as the sun set Friday night. I love when the words come so quickly you can hardly get them down on paper fast enough. Thank again!

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