The NovelAt long last, 212 double space typed pages, over 62,000 words and 10 months later I have a rough draft manuscript that could be, just might be a masterpiece!  Yeah!  I finally finished my first novel after starting last November during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.)  I completed 56,000 words during the month but it has taken me until now in fits and starts to fully flesh out the chronologically and tie up lose ends (I hope) and come to a conclusion that made sense with the original concept I started from.

Next step is having my lovely wife read, review and tear it apart just a little. 🙂 Then I will revise where and if needed.  I will then be asking for help from others to read the manuscript and give feedback and then who knows.  Publishing?  Maybe self-publishing? E-book?  If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them.  Oh, and to come up with title!  A little teaser about the story is below!

“Love and destiny sometimes finds us all when we least expect it, as is the case for two couples living in two The Novel #2different eras hundreds of years apart.  As evil hunts each unlikely pair  they find themselves in the fight of their lives as love grows for one another and faith in an all powerful God are renewed.  The stage is set for romance and adventure and in the ultimate showdown between good and evil they discover of a love that exists outside of time.”

This is exciting for me and I have some other ideas percolating and hope to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year.  Thanks for reading and all the support each wonderful reader of my posts has given to me. ~M

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  1. That is exciting! The brief description of the story has definitely peaked my interest! I look forward to reading it. Of late i have begun to take an interest in reading books by new authors, either on my kindle or in regular form. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I will be watching for updates on the status of your novel! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Elaine! I know I could never have done this without the support of people I have met on-line but never in person. In fact I started the novel last year on the encouragement of a friend from Utah who again I have never met.

      1. You are welcome Mark! It is amazing what kind of support we get from online people we have never met, whether it be encouragement to start and complete goals,emotional issues, trying new things. etc. It is amazing, I would never have started blogging if it were not for one of my friends- writing is not my forte but just being able to share the simple thoughts I do have on a blog is great fun and I am learning a lot and connecting with people I never would have known otherwise.
        Have a blessed day Mark!

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