The Small Things In Life

A beautiful reminder that it is the little things in life that we so often overlook. We often miss the miracle in front of us while searching for the monumental.

Moments of Unveiled Grace


Today has been a busy one.  I started with CrossFit this morning, then homeschooling and Bible study and so on.  While in the middle of some paperwork my daughter ran through the back door screaming my name (fortunately in a good way) and I immediately rolled my eyes thinking, “Now what? Can’t I get a solid 10 minutes of quiet?!”  Shame on me because her interruptions are always lessons for me.  I heard someone say once, “When someone wants your attention, you have more influence on them than at any other time in their lives.  Make sure you are a good influence.”

As you can see from the pictures I  decided to be that influence and follow my daughter so she knows to always treat people well even if she is busy.  What she wanted me to see was some super tiny snails that had made a home of…

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