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Saturday Night Thoughts – The Path

Mark Schutter  ©2010

If you could have seen the end from the beginning would you have chosen a different path? ~M

If we were allowed to see the pain mixed with the happiness that life would throw at us because of our choices would that change the choices we would make?  I know some of my experiences are not what I would have chosen, but this is my life’s path and I would not change a thing.  Life is found in both the moments of joy and the sorrow.  What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Thoughts – The Path”

  1. Although I have some past regrets, I still believe that if I could go back they would still be the same mistakes – just on a different path. As Kim said if there is no struggle, we wouldn’t be able to see the good, the strength, or the reality of who we are.


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