A recent answered prayer had gotten me to thinking about how we often pray and how we want God to answer our prayers.  At this point in my life I am on a new journey down a path I did not envision or believe I wanted and truly never saw coming.

Be careful what you pray for, what you ask for!

This new path has many benefits and pluses but there also are trapdoors.  To move forward in response to this answered prayer I leave behind many good things.  Or are they just comfortable things that I have come to accept as good?  No, they are good gifts that our Father gives and not just at Christmastime!

We want what we want with when and how we want it!

We accept that God is free to dispense as He see’s fit but often do not expect that there is something often required of us.  We do not wish to change, really, we just want our prayers answered and gifts bestowed.  We expect God to wave His ‘magic wand’ and grant us our wishes like some genie in a bottle.

Are you willing to now do your part without looking back?

God is not a genie in a bottle granting each of us three wishes, he is sovereign and His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways not our ways.  He often has a different plan from ours.  He does answer prayers and sometimes beyond what we could ever have imagined.  But he also requires something of us, that is where free will and faith comes in; faith to step out, faith to chance, faith to believe, faith to hope, faith to love and believe in promises!   MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS!

Promises  (Photo taken at the Oregon coast edited with PicMonkey)
“Promises”     (Photo taken at the Oregon coast edited with PicMonkey)           Maleko ©2012

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    1. Wish it was earth shattering but basically we need to get out of debt and were praying for that. I was contacted and offered a new job for more money. It is good, but I left behind great friends and a great job for this new adventure. I just wanted God to drop some extra money into my lap you know?

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