Another poem in response to Shawn L. Bird’s Poetic Diversity Project prompt for her Masters class. For March 3rd: Philosophy of Place – Does your moral/political/social/educational philosophy come from your sense of place (your birth place? a special place of change? your current place?)  How does setting impact your philosophy?

Growing up in the high desert landscape of Southern Idaho, I have always been drawn to the land. From the deserts to the mountains, the river canyons to the rolling hills, each has and still does call to me to be explored. They are lands of unexpected dangers and infinite beauty. I love the land of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. This has always been my home, and yes I am a cowboy, just check out my avatar. 🙂 Living my entire life here has shaped my views on life, to be self-reliant and independent, sometimes to a fault. My moral, political, educational and social views have definitely been shaped by this land.

"My Lonely Soul"  Maleko
“My Lonely Soul”

The lonely cliffs
The endless expanse
Land as vast as the sky
Beckons to be crossed

On horseback
Sunrise and sunset

From arid deserts
And forest groves
I disappear into the wild
As it calls my name

Through days
A life fulfilled

~Mark Schutter ©2015

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