Felt compelled to reblog a previous post of mine about my compassion failures after an incident that occurred this morning. I dropped off the car at the repair shop and was walking the 3 or so miles to work when I was approached by a young lady who asked for change for bus fare. I immediately responded, “sorry I have no change” and walked away. My mind and the enemy then started working.

It was the truth I had no change but I had a $20 bill, why didn’t I give her that? Why did I not offer other options? Or just stop for a minute and talk? By the time I turned back she had disappeared. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining, I am able to afford a vehicle for transportation and the means to have it repaired and yet, I did not help. My compassion failed me once again…

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      1. You are welcome Mark..Sometimes when we have a sensitive heart we can be hard on ourselves.. We just strive to be able to discern when the Lord wants us to plant a seed somewhere. He understands us better than we understand ourselves..

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