My Compassion Fails – #1000Speak

Felt compelled to reblog a previous post of mine about my compassion failures after an incident that occurred this morning. I dropped off the car at the repair shop and was walking the 3 or so miles to work when I was approached by a young lady who asked for change for bus fare. I immediately responded, “sorry I have no change” and walked away. My mind and the enemy then started working.

It was the truth I had no change but I had a $20 bill, why didn’t I give her that? Why did I not offer other options? Or just stop for a minute and talk? By the time I turned back she had disappeared. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining, I am able to afford a vehicle for transportation and the means to have it repaired and yet, I did not help. My compassion failed me once again…

Mark Wayne - Author and Warrior

It has been almost a week since the grand unveiling of 1000 Voices for Compassion initiative on February 20th.  Bloggers, writers and artists all over the world lent their voices to encourage compassion.  There were many reveal posts prior to the 20th answering the questions, why this was important to those participating and what compassion means to them personally.

I posted both a reveal post >Compassion  #1000Speak – Why? and a compassion post on the 20th > Simple Compassion,and others previously with compassion as the theme

I have read many wonderful posts by some brilliant people all around the theme of compassion.  Inspiring, beautiful, gut-wrenching, touching and some even funny.  The world needs compassion, each and every one of us, on a daily basis and based on the outpouring of love, emotion and thoughts it seems like we all have enough to share.

And yet…it seems…

That my…

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3 thoughts on “My Compassion Fails – #1000Speak”

      1. You are welcome Mark..Sometimes when we have a sensitive heart we can be hard on ourselves.. We just strive to be able to discern when the Lord wants us to plant a seed somewhere. He understands us better than we understand ourselves..


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