Heading out into the dark night.
Damaged wings hinder our flight.
Answers we seek hide just out of sight.
Questions burn ever so bright.
Tomorrow may bring the mysteries to light.
For now we cling to hope so tight.
Letting go our wills to fight.
Do we surrender our strength and might?
Time comes to stand and fight.
Clench and unclench fists held tight.
Love shines into the dark a pure white light.
Forever from a spark so bright.
Never hidden, if we look, from out sight.
Unfurled wings and we take flight.
The lost can take back the night.
~Mark Schutter ©2014

Take Back the NightMay you find the light that ever shines unafraid in the dark, for yourself and others, then take back the night. You are more than you know. ~M #JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives

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