Judgement may seem necessary but it cannot correct or change the past.  However, the ability to show and give mercy will always lead to the creation of a better future.

1407290641819[1]Lately, as I watch the news, listen to the radio reports and read Facebook and Twitter posts my heart breaks with sadness.  There is so much evil in the world right now and it just seems to keep growing stronger. The hatred that is spewed on all sides, the monstrosities we commit against one another, where and when will it stop?

Murder, killings, riots, child abuse, rape, assault, theft, road rage, and even the simple lack of kindness for one another; the list is endless. I believe in justice for wrongs committed, but I also believe that this side of heaven sometimes justice does not prevail.  Sometimes there is no justice only mercy.  For justice will not ultimately change our circumstances only mercy, grace and love can do that. 

This holiday season may we slow down, even pausing for moments and extend that mercy to all we encounter.  Take the time to look someone in the eye and say ‘Merry Christmas’ and mean it.  The light will forever shine in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it no matter how strong it becomes.  Each of us carries that light within us, we can and must allow that true light to shine and pierce into the darkness! ~M

#JustBelieve  #GraceWins  #HopeLives

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