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Are You a Difference Maker?

That is the wrong question to ask of others and of ourselves.  We all have a power and a divine potential to make a difference every moment of every single day. A single smile, a single look, a single word or a single touch may make all the difference. Have the courage to step out in faith. The real question is –

What kind of difference will you make? 
  • Good or evil? 
  • Light or Dark? 
  • Healing or Pain?

“Difference Maker” ~Song by NEEDTOBREATHE  (view the lyrics here on AZLyrics)

We must make a conscious choice to commit everyday, in every situation, in every encounter with every person to, not just random, but


believing that we can and do make a difference! I recently wrote about my own new journey on the blog in reaching and sharing the light that God has placed in me with others – Healing the Brokenhearted. Just believe, grace wins, hope lives, speak life and watch the ripple effect! God Bless! ~M

Your thoughts?

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