I attended a class today presented by Aurora Worldwide. Aurora is a ministry with a focus on healing the broken hearted. I was blessed to have been invited to speak and read aloud two of my poems during the class.

Now I lay here, late on Saturday night,  thinking about my own healing journey,  which still continues,  and the journey of others. Today, I saw and heard pain and hurt in the eyes and words of those in attendance.

I believe the Lord does respond to our free will but often we simply tell him to go away.  He will acquiesce to this request and then we believe the lie that is told to us by the enemy about how he did respond.

He will and does respond to our cries and we can be healed.  We can experience personal healing, freedom and wholeness.

I pray that in some small way by being real, transparent and vulnerable about my own journey it can help someone else.  I would remind you that you have what someone else needs. I encourage you to not be afraid to shine a light into those dark places. God bless!  ~M

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