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Depressing as HELL!

The following poem was written after spending the entire day at the hospital watching ‘life’ occurring all around me.  Some say that hospitals are places of hope and healing, I tend to view them as places of pain and suffering.  If you read my about page ‘A Cowboys Heart’, it might help explain why I feel this way.  We all deal in different ways and I deal often by writing, so here it is,  and yes, I used the word hell in both the title and the poem!

The air is heavy
The silence thunders
The noise says nothing
The feelings of life slipping away
The joys we had
The love we held
The lives we lived
The memories are all we can hold
The soul searches
The mind steadily slips
The spirit wanders long
The pain now a constant companion
What can we really say
What have we all became
What happened along the way
What we know it is depressing as hell
In the midst of faith
In the midst of hope
In the midst of love
In the midst of better things to come
Lay down the doubts
Lay down the burdens
Lay down the forgiveness
Lay it all down and rest now

~Mark Schutter ©2014

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