As I sink deeper down, in this hole which I now find myself
It is dark and cold, destined to be forever lost so it seems

Without a hope of deliverance, surrounded by only the silent black
Invisible companions to which I am endlessly bound

Helpless under a starless sky, no solace or rest I have found
The nightmares within my own mind, they haunt and taunt me

Thundering loudly, my heartbeat marches inside my head
Never ceasing or faltering, the voices continuously scream

Triggered by silent memories, that in the dark will creep
Thoughts like surging waves, pounds the beach with fear

Reaching into this void, do I still believe in the things unseen
For hope and faith, requires a spark to ignite the blaze

I have stumbled ever onward, deeper into confusion of the abyss
Can there be a victory, silently praying for grace and mercy

Source of all my strength, the power of a single name
I can be forever changed, instantly redeemed and forgiven

The arcing of every single life, sends streaks across the night
Cleaving evil and hate, cast away from the glorious light

Finding something, the one thing that hands can never hold
Hearing the angels singing, around the king’s vaulted throne

Now rescued and transcendent, the dark curtain is unfurled
Into the undiscovered realm, along the path we must go

Feeling love and joy, all around swelling higher and higher
It is finally time to rest, time to simply be

Basking in this moment now, no fears and no doubts
Beyond my wildest dreams, am I … finally free?

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Finally Free


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