Life, Poetry

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting #2in the light and in the dark

we fight the battles and we survive the wars

hunting ghosts in shadows and searching for answers

in our minds dark and hidden from our sight

haunting visions linger and death does matter

hands are now cold and a beating heart stilled

beyond our grasp and falling over the edge

we yearn for time and one more chance

a smiling laugh and touch of compassion

before we will fade and leave memories behind

into the undiscovered and alone into the alone

∼Mark Schutter ©2015

I believe in life and I believe in death in this life.  And to quote C.S. Lewis, There is death.  And whatever is matters.  And whatever happens has consequences, and it and they are irrevocable and irreversible. You might as well say birth does not matter.”   It matters to all of us, but I also believe in a better life after this one when we will journey into the undiscovered.  I pray that you will be there also. ~M

#JustBelieve   #GraceWins   #HopeLives

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