'maillot jaune'  Crayon & Ink Wash (digitally enhanced)  Original 8x10 inches  Maleko
Maillot Jaune‘              Crayon & Ink Wash (digitally enhanced) Original 8×10 inches ©Maleko

A fallen hero, a flawed human being or both?

We love to watch (worship?) those we admire but also love to see them fall because it reminds us that they are human.  Whether it be an athlete, a movie star, a politician, a religious leader it really does not matter.  I am saddened by this affair not for Lance he made his choices and he has to live with the consequences of those choices.  He is not above being judged and sentenced.

My heart breaks for those that were hurt by the choices of others throughout this entire affair.  We all must pay for our own misdeeds but so often we are hurt by others choices.  What about his kids, those who were closest to him that he seemingly callously tossed aside or rolled right over.  A dream that destroys others in the fulfillment of that dream is not a dream born of love and grace.

I understand the competition aspect, having competed in road and mountain bike races during my twenties.  There is an adrenaline rush that is hard to explain and becomes addictive in the moments of the challenge.  But everyday choices are made that either spread light or dark.  So often we spread darkness so our own light will shine a little brighter.  I know I have made those choices and I pray I have repented of everyone0203121318.

Maybe this will help us as human beings not to worship other fallen human beings.  There is only one who is perfect that deserves our worship.  This sad affair will pass in history and I pray some good comes out of it.  The black mark on this sport I love hopefully will fade.

I do know the simple joy of pedaling a bike and the freedom  that it gives to both young and old alike can never be taken away.  ~M

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      1. All parents do things to hurt their kids… All need forgiveness. Some see that and ask for it, change their ways and try to do better… others see no need. That is causes the pain to run so deep that it breaks a heart.

  1. I didn’t think I could stand to hear one more word about Armstrong, but you made some excellent points–thank you. I’m particularly pondering the note about how we sometimes sow darkness so that our own light might shine brighter–wow, I have a feeling I’ve done that, though specifics slip my mind at the moment. Thank you, and God bless you abundantly–sis Caddo

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