#FWF Free Write Friday: Word Bank

Welcome to Free Write Friday. New here? Read the intro. Everyone else…let’s go! This week’s FWF prompt is a word bank: blanket – falsetto – cumbersome – cinema – coins  You may use one or all of the words. Don’t force it. If only one speaks to you, that is your muse. Go with it. If you can use all of them with little effort (no overthinking it) then let it flow.

haunting laughs in falsetto at the hands of fate

the world drifts by and I want to paint


life does throw curves cumbersome & hard

stuck in the mire of it all makes me tired


sitting silently under a forever blanket of gray

rain drips slowly down my face & rolls away


the cinema plays the images again and again

oh, how to walk away from long forgiven sins


a single golden coin is held tightly in my hand

its brilliant shine speaks of another land

~M ©2013

This poem was written for Free Write Friday from the word prompt  at the top of the page.  Free Writing is using what is called stream of consciousness writing, no editing, no proofing just writing! Please check out Kellie Elmore’s official site or click on the Free Write Friday Image for more information. Post your submission with a comment and link to your blog on Kellie’s blog, post on twitter with the hashtag #FWF, Facebook and join the fun!

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  1. “the cinema plays the images again and again
    oh, how to walk away from long forgiven sins”
    that spoke to me so deeply as I feel it so hard to let go and forgive yourself of the past. Even though I know all is washed clean in His eyes…mine are not so forgiving.

    Thank you, Mark, for a beautiful piece as usual.

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