Into Day 4 of the National Novel Writing Month and so far so good?  I have worked out some sort of plot or storyline, a couple of main characters and an interesting dynamic, at least I think so.  I have done a mind map of the events trying to tie them in together into some cohesive whole, but at this point my writing is all over the place with almost 4000 words.

Behind the pace where I need to be to get to 50,000 words, but this first weekend I have had birthday parties for two wonderful 8 year old girls, my daughter and her best friend, both born on the same day.  So I feel okay and hopefully will catch up some over the next few weeks in between family, the holidays approaching and the day job. This is also limiting my time drawing and painting, writing poetry and participating in #FWF (Free Write Fridays) but sacrifice can be a good thing.  It is a challenge but anything worthwhile should be and the potential for something good…well who can say?

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