It’s summer time and daytime temperatures are soaring, so let’s talk about the heat. Not in the usual way of how it makes us feel, whether we like it or not but how does it smell?

What does “HOT” smell like? #WickedQuestions #JustWondering #UseYourNose

For me growing up in Southwestern Idaho and in the country these are a few things that when I smell them I know it is “HOT“!

  • Hay bales stacked up over your head
  • Old worn leather of bridles, saddles and boots
  • Dry dusty earth where little clouds of dust poof from every step you take

What about you, what does “HOT” smell like?

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  1. Cold water as it evaporates off of a side walk when a hot summer thunderstorm hits!
    Cold, fragrant watermelon as it drips down your chin!
    The strong smell of chlorine at the summer pool spot with all the screams of delighted kids.

    Awesome post and idea to come up with summer smells! Love it!

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