The jittering expectations silently descend
From those moments we’d like to forget
Of past holidays with which we must contend
Emerging from behind our heart’s torn curtain
Our aching hearts inside will tumble-down
Grace is restless in our plausible denial it’s certain
For we stand alone in our hallowed loneliness
Surrounded by the chaos of celebration
A soul aching for connections of sweet bliss
The present reality may herald promises to come
From those moments we’d like to recall
As steady beats the hope of love’s unending drum

~Mark Schutter ©2014

With the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow here in America, I find myself feeling somewhat lost and almost plodding, thus this is where the words to this poem come from.  Like I am out of step, my thoughts jumbled and confused. Although the feeling lingers, I rest in the assurance and hope that tomorrow may always be better than today.  The holidays although joyful and full of celebration always make me somewhat melancholy and full of ‘jittering expectations’ for what may come.  Thanks for reading, here’s to wishing you only the best.  ~M A Still Point #2

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