Poetic Duets

Poetic Duets, a great opportunity via Hastywords and The Reverie. Feel the fear and do it anyway, I did and it is a great way to expand your horizons and have some fun!

The Reverie

We wanted to share an awesome opportunity with all of our poets to try something new!


Don’t be frightened.

New is good.

And in this case, the “new” comes from one of our editors, and it’s far from new to her. Hastywords has become the Queen of poetic duets.

What’s a poetic duet?

According to Hasty:

Two people create one poem.  There are no real rules except it is a collaborative process.  Typically, one person starts and another continues and so on until both parties feel it is complete.  Neither person knows the tone, the pace, nor the story until it is done.  It is really quite beautiful.

So if you’d like to take advantage of an opportunity to write with one of our editors, pop on over to Hasty’s poetic duet’s page and check it out. Drop her a line. Create something amazing!

Here’s the first poetic…

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