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A Sea of Uncertainty

floating in a sea of uncertaintyA Sea of Uncertainty

among islands of pain and misery

so I continue to paddle

as the force that moves the world

stays just out of sight

over the curl lies the undiscovered

so here I fall to my knees

my own raging screams fill my mind

no one knows who I am

the truth behind this forgotten man

without the strength

alone and wasted too tired to stand


a vision appears from the dark

light and clear carried on silken wings

one step too far I am

so the thoughts that hound my sleepA Sea of Uncertainty

through the dreariness

reaches a hope and something more

travels that led me here

a place of nothing and desolation

trapped and lost I am

by choices and actions of my own

the road I’ve walked

paved with depravity and twisted intentions

suddenly in the midst

of all the black and cold merciless fear

there is something more

someone whose hands hold my future

behind a forced smile

my heart begins to beat again

A Sea of Uncertainty

the blood that dripped

crimson life was drained silently away

breathing in raged gasps

from ashes I rise to hesitatingly stand

crying out life, life, life

to just believe despite my unbelief

 ~Mark Schutter ©2014


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