The anger alarms me
The passion unnerves me
The power frightens me
The presence fills me
My body is frozen
My mind is stalled
My heart is racing
My life is incomplete
The gentleness holds me
The beauty tracks me
The hope beckons me
The love entraps me
My faith is failing
My doubt is rising
My heart is bleeding
My fears are growing
The voice calls me
The hand reaches me
The breath covers me
The promise loves me
I sit in muted silence
I dread the moments
I fear what this way comes
I shrink from the union of souls

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Moon 2014

Some of the poem above was originally written in 2012 but I came across it recently and reworked it adding lines and I think it is better than the original now.  My thoughts were how we so shrink from authentic and real connection when it often is right in front of us.  Why? Fear? Insecurity?  Thoughts? ~M

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  1. A very expressive poem. We do both go towards and pull back from connections.
    Sometimes I wonder if the connection is only in my mind, or if that connection will take me places emotionally that I’m not sure I want to go.

    1. Very good points. Sometimes we need to quiet our minds and listen to our heart cause our brain may try to talk us out of it. Thanks for commenting, take care!

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