Free FallingThe fog surrounds,
as the mist clings to my skin.
Dampening the fuses,
I struggle to see again.
I’m free-falling…
Sitting in ruins,
my mind a closed-door.
Out of darkness,
muted condemning voices roar.
I’m free-falling…
Chaos is masked,
behind the forced smiles.
Indecision and tears,
my breaking heart, meanwhile.
I’m free-falling…
Facing an abyss,
pulled into the absurd.
My faith wavers,
doubts crushed by His word.
I’m free-falling…
Days drift on,
rhythms of a soft breeze.
Oh, my God,
won’t you catch me, please.
I’m free-falling…

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Free Falling

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      1. Perfect! Thank you Holly, I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts and truly appreciate your support and kind comments. Glad we’ve connected.

    1. Thanks Kelly, this one is very personal but then again most are. Let’s hope this time it takes. Thanks for following and being persistent. 🙂

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