Free FallingThe fog surrounds,
as the mist clings to my skin.
Dampening the fuses,
I struggle to see again.
I’m free-falling…
Sitting in ruins,
my mind a closed-door.
Out of darkness,
muted condemning voices roar.
I’m free-falling…
Chaos is masked,
behind the forced smiles.
Indecision and tears,
my breaking heart, meanwhile.
I’m free-falling…
Facing an abyss,
pulled into the absurd.
My faith wavers,
doubts crushed by His word.
I’m free-falling…
Days drift on,
rhythms of a soft breeze.
Oh, my God,
won’t you catch me, please.
I’m free-falling…

~Mark Schutter ©2015

Free Falling

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