12 Months of Horses!

Colored pencil drawing in progress, 8x10 inches on white paper

Colored pencil drawing in progress  8×10 inches on white paper

Hoping to work some more on this drawing today as it is a good day to stay inside with the rainy and gray weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  What is on your agenda today?
I am committing myself to completing a new piece of horse art per month during 2014 and at the end put it together into a collage, calendar, slide show and who knows what else!  Thinking maybe that the horse and design for each month will have a theme that somehow goes along with the month, by using colors, motion or other elements in the design.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for future months please let me know.  I already have some ideas on why this one is black with the bright yellow mane and tail.  Stay tuned and I will explain once it is completed!
Visit the Art Gallery to view my other horse designs and other pieces of art. And thanks for stopping by as always! ~M

Your thoughts?

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