Art Gallery

All images are copyrighted work of Mark W. Schutter and are in order of the most recently posted.  Enjoy looking around and thanks for stopping by! ~M

7 thoughts on “Art Gallery”

  1. you have some amazing art! I especially love the Amazing Grace piece and the Eagle with the flag, as well as the other eagles above it. Amazing Grace has a special meaning to me and the eagles remind me of many things, especially Isaiah 40:31 and of course our freedom in our country!


      1. you’re welcome! I was just looking at the ones you have for purchase and saw another eagle there which I plan to purchase. Are the other pieces I mentioned going to be put on sale as well?


      2. Yes, I am planning on uploading more to my FAA site for sale as well. If there is a particular one you are interested in let me know and I can try and make that happen. Thanks again!


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