“Be concerned, but do not worry.”

It is our role to be ever vigilant, prepared and ready for any and all circumstances.  If we are unprepared, ill-equipped or ignorant to the dangers and snares of this world we only have ourselves to blame.  The bible tells us to not worry, cast away your fears and anxieties.  Good advice and truth for us to remember as worrying can do nothing for us except rob the future of our energy and time.  We are to be concerned with things but not worry. 

Do what you can and realize the rest is God’s problem not ours.

Do Not WorryTherefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. ~Matthew 6:34

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    1. Thanks Elaine! A lot of times my posts are simply reminders to myself and it is nice when they are a gentle reminder to others also.

    1. Thanks Charlene, but I actually owe Mychal Hawke on Man, Woman, Wild for the statement about being concerned and not worrying. I just took it from there. Thanks again!

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