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Roosevelt Elk, An Ancient Ritual

A short video I took of two young bull male Roosevelt Elk sparring in late October 2012 at Northwest Trek wildlife park in Washington state. Excuse the poor video quality as this was recorded using a cell phone. You use what you have when the moment presents itself.

Music is “Ancient Ritual” by Paul Mottram.

3 thoughts on “Roosevelt Elk, An Ancient Ritual”

  1. What an opportunity that at least did not fall into the category of ‘missed opportunity’! I took a quick video of what I would call Granddaddy iguana at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, FL. He was so BIG I thought he was a statue at first glance. It too was a bit blurry. I uploaded it to YouTube and clicked to adjust the clarity. It did help. Just a thought…


  2. Thanks for the comment Sharla! It was definitely quite a moment to witness. I did use the video editor on YouTube but I think it is more that the camera on the phone is not that great. I do not have an I Phone or Android, yet!


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