Today’s Science Project: Proving the Existence of Art and God


The above video is from the website Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig. 
The ‘kalam cosmological argument’ is an argument for the existence of God and has three simple steps –

Step 1 – Whatever begins to exist has a cause
Step 2 – The universe began to exist
Step 3 – Therefore, the universe has a cause

Based on this idea I originally wrote a post entitled “Creating Art and the Kalam Cosmological Argument” back in October 2012.  I began to think about this argument from the viewpoint of proving the existence of art and/or the creative process.
  1. What begins as a thought is a gift
  2. Art begins with a thought
  3. Therefore art is gift
  1. What begins as a vision can become reality
  2. Art begins with a vision
  3. Therefore art portrays reality
  1. What begins as an idea is true
  2. Art begins as an idea
  3. Therefore art is true
Can you come up with any others related to art or the creative process?  Or other things?  Post your comments below and join in the conversation! ~M

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