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I Don’t Deserve You

raindrops roll endlessly down the window pane
caught in gravity’s embrace
turning I try to walk away
I don’t deserve you
dead brown leaves are tossed by the winds
like spirits in bondage
glimpses of your glory
I don’t deserve you
I want to scream, is this a dream
strange spirits of unexplained delight
so you come to me
I don’t deserve you
there are things no memory can forget
nameless mysteries that linger
eyes are dim and blind
I don’t deserve you
stars appear and ghostly shadows fall
sleep hides in the dark night
silent hours pass in reverie
I don’t deserve you
standing right here in the pouring rain
washed clean by a magic spell
dancing wings of song arise
I don’t deserve you
from the ashes a life reborn
forever safe in your arms
believing in the unbelief
I don’t deserve you

~M ©2013

I Don't Deserve YouThis poem was somewhat inspired by the song lyrics to ‘I Don’t Deserve You’ by Plumb from the album ‘Need You Now.’  You can view the video of the radio version here or the remix version here.  Enjoy! ~M

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