“Blazin' Mane"     Colored Pencil & Pastels    8×10 inches     Maleko ©2013
“Blazin’ Mane”   Colored Pencil & Pastels    8×10 inches       Maleko ©2013

Following a frenzied voting competition between the following finalists –

  • Ablaze
  • Equine Fire
  • Blazin’ Mane

We actually ended up with a tie, a dead heat, a photo finish; the ultimate winner was selected in a random drawing – “Blazin’ Mane”  congratulations Shelley for your winning entry.  I was so impressed by all the entries and the originality and creativity that was evident in the suggested names for my piece of artwork above.  I took the three finalists contributions and wrote a bit of micro poetry adding it to this version of the picture posted here.

Thanks again to everyone, just might do this again sometime.  And Shelley watch for your $10 Amazon Gift Card in the mail.  ~M

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