'An Empty Road'     Maleko ©2012
‘An Empty Road’            Maleko ©2012

Traveling along an empty road out of the dark and shadows into the light!

Take your eyes of any perceived emptiness you may feel and see in front of you and to the beauty that surrounds you just to the side of your vision.

May your week ahead be filled with joy, laughter, happiness and love!

Happy Monday!

Challenge yourself to commit one ‘intentional’ act of kindness this week!

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  1. I love this plan! You are right. You can take anything and find beauty in it! Even traffic. I have been thinking a lot about Bill lately our blogger friend here who has ALS and inspires us all with hope and the most positive attitude I could ever imagine having… This was the perfect reminder. I have been wondering why I have been more appreciative of my own life lately and I know it is because of you guys!

    1. We are often so blind to the beauty around us and I am as guilty as anyone. I have so much to be grateful even just breathing in my next breath! I have a friend (who I am seeing for coffee on Thursday) who has spent his life in a wheelchair and his spirit amazes me. Even when he gets down he still believes, hopes and loves others, very inspiring for me.

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