a step or two is all it takes
to reach the other side
so I stand in total silence
wondering if I should try
my heart is beating
my head is pleading
my spirit is needing
a chance, a choice, a change
hesitate and do it anyway
the fear that comes
stops my feet
the love that waits
reaching out to me
from the other side

Maleko ©2012


The above was written for Free Write Friday using what is called stream of consciousness writing, no editing, no proofing just writing!  This one took about 30 seconds is all, really!

Please check out Kellie Elmore’s blog  for more information on Free Write Friday’s, comment with you link on Kellie’s blog, post on twitter hashtag #FWF and join the fun!

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    1. Thanks Sharla, not much time here either that is why I only took 30 seconds or so to write and a couple of minutes to post. I knew I did not have much time, but it came out okay!

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