Sunday Night Blues

As we come to the end of another weekend, I always feel the tension Sunday night. Between the weekend past and the new week that lies ahead. I find often find myself listening to the blues music played on our local public radio station.

Whether the weekend was good, bad, happy or sad. Filled with wondrous moments or just a lot of work for whatever reasons. There is a sense of melancholy as it comes to an end. Tomorrow morning it is back to work and the routine of the week. No matter what that entails, but still it can be an adventure. 

The way before us is as yet unformed and filled with anticipation and even expectations. Go forth my friends and seize the day, rise up like mighty warriors and conquer your fears, slay the dragons and live the life that you imagined chasing the dreams and desires that God has placed specifically inside of you. You matter, your life matters! You are a difference maker in the lives of others and they need you, that is your destiny!

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