I posted the poem below in black text yesterday morning in a flurry of free-writing in the midst of my own despondency over being sick recently and the healing process being so slow.  I rambled then and today I began to re-think this a little bit so went back and added a rebuttal to my thoughts of yesterday in red.  We often have so much more than we realize in those moments, things for which we should always be grateful. What do you think?

As I sit in muted silence
I can clearly hear the words
The incessant ringing in my ear
Is only a minor annoyance
Thoughts of
Truth and visions
This and that
Are dreams of the future
Dissolve like snowflakes
Into a torrent
In August
That refreshes the soul

The beating of my heart
Confirms a purpose
The fatigue that covers me
Says the path is right
The feelings of
Fear means that the dream is big
What I just don’t know
But there is one that does

I wanna
I wanna
I wanna

The Vision of the Path Remains
A Vision of the Path Remains

But it seems so hard
Nothing worthwhile is easy
So I will sit in the silence
Listening for the voice of truth
Of my own coursing thoughts
That will lead me on
Believing in better days ahead
And a hope that does not disappoint
When the pressure clears
For this too will pass
In my head
A vision of the path remains

~Mark Schutter ©2015


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  1. Yes, today’s poem is more complete. We do have those days of bleakness – and we do need to express it. But, it’s another more uplifting release to find that silver lining and this version really resonates with me.

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