Life, Poetry


Memories, like ashes scattered in the wind.

Secrets, some are never meant to be kept.

The clocks hands do move on,
as days slowly pass into eternity.

that were lived in time before.

steals what once we held so dear.

Yet doors will open before us,
that we stubbornly stumble through.

a different vision of future days.

of the often forgotten moments.

Living in the present reality now,
is all we ever really hope to have.

breathes into new found beginnings.

overlap the past to dance once more.

~Mark Schutter ยฉ2015

5 thoughts on “Secrets”

      1. Oh yes, I followed you link here. Wow. That must have been an emotional and heart-wrenching experience. Kind of takes you off guard, doesn’t it? Beautiful Mark.

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