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Shining a LIGHT into the dark!


I have had some people say to me that my writing’s sometimes seem to have an element of darkness. Even outright asking me why.

So why do I often write from this perspective? I offer this simplest of explanations.

I write what I know; what I have lived and my own search for hope. It is my truth.

And yet I wonder do these people who ask these questions, actually read to the end? I doubt it. For if they did they might actually realize that I try mightily to offer some hope, however faint, to others that might also be suffering. I sometimes fail as the dark over takes me and yet …

It is in the darkness where light shines the brightest and is most visible. It is there in the midst of pain and sorrow where healing and hope is most needed. So, as I tell my tales of pain; may they also resound with hope and redemption, no matter how small to hopefully encourage  others.

I believe that the light will continue to shine, forever unafraid of the dark.

Hope is no small thing!

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives

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