Tell Me Your NameMy name is Mark Wayne Schutter,
son and prince of the one true God,
loyal servant to the true King, Jesus Christ.
Husband to a beautiful wife,
father to an amazing daughter;
and I will stand against evil
in this life and the next!

π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π

I wrote the words above in December of 2004 one month after my daughter was born.  Over ten years later, thank God they are still true even though I often find myself wondering who I am and often in need of a reminder.  Our lives are so much more than what we see, for there is eternity placed in our hearts. Words of truth are so easily stolen, vanishing into the darkness like smoke into the night. Yet, one small light can carve the dark and cast out the doubts, we must see that the light does not go out.

The script is based on the scene from the movie Gladiatorin which Maximus is in the Roman coliseum and turns to address the emperor Commodus when he is asked to tell him his name. Years earlier Commodus had murdered his father Marcus Aurelius and ordered the execution of Maximus and his family, thereby claiming rule of the Roman Empire.  Maximus escaped being killed but was later captured and forced into slavery becoming a gladiator; fighting in the ring for his life to the crowds amusement.

However, when his defining moment arrived he turned, faced the murderer of his family boldly proclaiming who he was.  Through the journey and struggles Maximus never forgot who he was, he knew his name, he knew it with all his heart.  I pray that we all are able to do the same.  How would you answer when asked your name? God Bless! ~M

PS – did you catch the Pi symbol, in honor of Pi Day; 3-14-15? 🙂

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