We don life’s backpack,
to carry the treasures.
Vowing to only keep,
those special pleasures.
Carrying the backpack daily,
it starts to weigh us down.
With worries of this world,
so many that come unwound.
It becomes not just a part,
but the whole of who we are.
A heavy load slowing our steps,
so we can’t reach the stars.
The burdens we carry endlessly,
to set them down we must.
All the crap we must leave behind,
in a forgotten pile to rust.
On the side of the roads,
still to travel may we find.
An easier load that awaits,
if we leave the troubles behind.
We all can and we all should,
set our cares and fears aside.
Following the voice of truth,
and the lighter load it provides.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

A Backpack

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