The following is a poem I wrote recently regarding a training event and then I added the lines in red this evening after returning home from work. The poem was written originally for the employees at my place of work where myself and my staff are responsible for coordinating four days of training each October that we call Fall Forum. The picture below was taken at the event and the opening keynote speaker surprised me by having me come up on stage and read this poem out-loud to all staff. The second time in three days that I have had the opportunity to read my poetry out-loud. There is power in words especially when spoken out load, speak life!. Hope you enjoy! ~M


Another year has drifted slowly out of sight,
over the curvature of the earth.
Time where does it go?
Yet, comes around again to where it began,
a new time of learning and mirth.
The clock keeps ticking so.
Listen! For something this way comes,
Fall Forum looms just ahead.
A flurry of preparation and decisions made.
Classes for everyone and every need,
no reason for worry or dread.
The hopes of pleasing all do eventually fade.
Out of your comfort zone you may find,
a personal rhythm or rhyme.
Something new, something few might seek.
To empower and encourage continued growth,
a supportive and inspiring time.
Once a year is all so no time to misspeak.
The values of respect, professionalism, integrity,
and accountability were discussed.
Engagement and education for one and all is clear.
Employee expectations and voices were heard,
now the courage to move forward with trust.
Day one is done and over until next year.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

Fall Forum 2014

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