Sometimes saying NO to things is as important as saying yes to the things we wish to pursue.  Saying NO, frees up time to focus on our priorities and limits the distractions.  Because I am saying NO to the unimportant distracting things here are some things in the very near future that I will be saying yes to.

Things To do:

  1. Prepare for speaking and reading my poetry at a healing prayer ministry class in February.
  2. Complete and submit a postcard for the Twitter Art Exhibit-Moss in March.
  3. Update and refresh the Fine Art America site with new art.
  4. Finalize the edits to the 2014 novel for first round of a beta reading critique.
  5. Begin assembling my poems for a poetry collection to submit for publishing.
  6. Love God, others and myself; allow God, others and myself to love me.
  7. Be fearless!

What do you have upcoming that you need to commit to do? Better yet, what do you want to truly do and how can you say no to the distracting things so you can say YES? I encourage you to choose wisely and be…

Fearless Snoopy

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