Because Sometimes I Don’t Want to Explain My Poetry Motivation

Beautiful and thought provoking post from Christy B. about why we sometimes share the motivation or inspiration behind a piece and why sometimes we don’t. Inspiration comes from many different places and interpretation is often an individual endeavor unique to each of us and our own situations.

Poetic Parfait

A Question about Poetic Motivation What does this poem mean, exactly? Photo via Poetic Parfait.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Here’s what inspired me. Wait, it’s about poetry motivation.

Yesterday, I read a post by ladysighs about the Birth of a Poem. Check it out and follow her blog if you haven’t already as there are always interesting reflections and poems there! Okay, back to her post. She explained that sometimes it is difficult to understand a poem and when that happens she would like to know the writer’s intention behind the lines or poetry motivation.

I wrote in my comment on her post that:

Sometimes I write the explanations to my poems at the bottom of the posts. I don’t always do it though because I like to read how people interpret them.

As a poet, I like sometimes to see how you the readers interpret my lines. Sometimes your comments tell me that…

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