Standing outside heaven’s curtain
Restless in sight of heavens grasp
In the basement of the dark of night
It is consolation I seek at last

Midst the tumbling tiny sparks of light
I wear my mask, I am cold and alone
No expectations of undeserved grace
Lost in my denial, I’ve lost my soul

Mountains sway underneath my feet
Composed of jittering grains of sand
Fiction writes my final obituary
As I shiver, comforted in loving hands

~Mark Schutter ©2014

This poem was written in response to the Wordle Me This #2 prompt on the Reverie Journal where each word above in bold italics was used from the list.  to be transparent I did leave out two of the words … oh well!

So what do you expect?


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  1. First off, from a word nut’s opinion, I smiled seeing the word “midst.” That made my morning! You’ve created something beautiful here, and who cares if you left two out. There isn’t a certain amount you have to use, and more importantly, knowing which to include and where is a fine talent.

    1. Thanks so much Laura! Yeah, I love the word “midst” seems to appear frequently in some of my writings. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Loving the prompts and the community you and the others are creating at The Reverie!

  2. I agree with Laura Mark. This is a perfect piece and I could picture James Earl Jones reading it while gazing up at the stars. If you end up having to crowbar all of them in there when you have a clear direction, sometimes you can lose the thread of the feeling you are going for, having to bow down to the word usage. My favourite is “Fiction writes my obituary” – now that’s an epitaph to be proud of! 🙂

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