God, Poetry, Writing

Many Roads

wpid-wp-1413771057077.jpegThere are many roads
We will walk
There are many loads
We will carry
Under the guise of duty and obligation
There are components
Of life unseen
There are moments
Tragic and magic
We live and we die hidden under cover
There is a merciful love
For each every one
There is blessed hope above
For large and small
Open your eyes to the marvelous wonder

~Mark Schutter ©2014

(A little poetry writing diversion from National Novel Writing Month, almost to 20,000 words and just starting week 2. I digress, now isn’t this little frog just the cutest? There is so much beauty around us and we so often fail to see it. May you stop today, even for a moment and appreciate that which is freely given to us each and every day. ~M)

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