An artist is...In the beginning the lines we draw around our lives serve to define and differentiate us, and then over time they come to limit and isolate us. To experience the relationships we were meant to experience with God or other human beings we must hug those lines and even be willing to cross over and color outside those very same lines.
We often draw lines in our lives, setting boundaries all in the name of trying to keep ourselves from being hurt. In the end they keep us from experiencing all that life as to offer.  Free will allows us to be the artist of our lives and to create a life’s work that is uniquely us.  We only reach that place of breakthrough when we move past what is comfortable, what is known, what is expected and into the absurd.  We must allow the colors to run, to mingle and mix with the colors of others creating new hues and shades.
The community, the life we yearn for is only found in the anxiety of mystery.  We must choose to walk into the darkness of our hearts, search the undiscovered and shine a light into the dark corners revealing the beauty of color that resides there.  And by the grace of God find our true purpose to be a blessing of ripples impacting the lives of others.    ~M ©2014
To know one life

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  1. What a great post Mark, Thanks for sharing it. I used to be so black and white. I’ve been learning to color outside the lines, and it’s great. However, I still need those lines. Especially when it comes to that which I know needs to be absolute.

    1. Thanks Staci! I get it there are those absolutes but thanks to my daughter I am learning to “color outside the lines” at times. Life is to be experienced and savored!

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