It was a beautiful song,
that unexpectedly came along.

A jagged knife in his heart;
is where the end all starts.
The ache inside lingers still;
death is life’s toughest pill.
He willingly drank the warm nectar;
as demons laughed at the specter.
Seeing her lay so still and ashen white;
no breath and eyes void of sight.
Evil giggles and celebrates;
thinking it’s won this round of fate.
He stares in silent misery,
wondering if he, she is able to see.
The razor fangs of fate sunk deep;
taking what he held but could not keep.
Remains the memories of days;
two tortured souls, one could not stay.

It was a beautiful dance,
that all happened by chance.

~Mark Schutter ©2014

(Poem #10 of 31 for #OctPoWriMo, prompted by the song Bones by MSMR posted by Hastywords on The Reverie. )

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  1. Hi Mark. I really like this line, “death is life’s toughest pill”. Wow, I couldn’t agree more. Especially when one is is alive still, yet their soul is dead already.
    Good job.

    1. Thank you Staci, this one is personal as I have and am living it. Not sure if you have read my about page but that gives you a little more insight into why. It is a tragedy to be alive yet dead on the inside as you state. Thank you so much for your kind words, take care!

      1. Just read it this weekend. Very heart wrenching. I can’t comprehend going through that. I’m sure it was very tough. I’m glad though that you have two lovely girls in your life now though.
        Blessings to you Mark.

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