Is it strange that through social media you can sometimes feel closer to people you’ve never met and family you rarely see than the individuals you physically interact with everyday? And the sad truth is we all long to be known but does anyone truly know us? We so often hide behind the images we so carefully cultivate and that is only what we allow others to see.

I would be interested in what you think, please leave a comment if you so desire.  Thanks! ~M

"The Sun"  Mark Schutter ©2013
“The Sun”      Mark Schutter ©2013

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  1. To have another person truly know the essence of us without judgement, that would be wonderful, and rare. I think the internet allows our spirits free rein to imagine through all those windows, someone on the other end resonating to the real us. It has felt that way many times to me, however, I think mostly it is another delusion.
    Perhaps artists souls are too deep to fathom? Hence we ourselves can keep drawing from the well of inspiration.
    ~~ Blessings ~~ Angela

    1. I so agree with your comment Angela. I know for my self much of the truth of who I am can be found in my art. But if someone does not truly know me then they most likely will never see it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. It’s interesting that you would post this, when just today, I read another post about this very subject…

    My thoughts are divided on this. I’ve met people through WordPress that I genuinely love and respect, though I’ve never seen their face, except for their Gravatar, which may or may not actually be them. Perhaps the image they present in their posts and comments is a false one, or maybe it isn’t. Whether some share the truth, while others share a facade is between each person and God, and regardless, I’ll love them anyway.

    It was much the same when I ministered in prison. I was there once or twice a month, and the image that some presented to me, while I was there was false. Other than those times when God gave me discernment and revealed the truth to me, I had no way of knowing who was truly seeking God and who was just looking to get out of their cells, although, the truth would eventually be revealed, for it is hard to keep up a facade over time. When you weave a web of lies, sooner or later, that web begins to unravel.

    Regardless, I chose to love the inmates, no matter what their crimes or circumstances were, because Jesus loves me, despite the sins I’ve committed against Him. Therefore, since I was there to minister on His behalf, and He loved each one of them, how could I do otherwise? In the same way, when I began blogging, I chose to minister on His behalf again, so the same rules apply. I love those people who read and respond to my blog posts, as I love those whose blogs I follow and comment on. It doesn’t matter if they are deceiving me, because I don’t have a heaven or a hell to put anyone in (and we can all be glad of that!). Those who try to deceive me about their character don’t have to answer to me for any wrongdoings. They must answer to God for it.

    The same goes for Facebook and other social media. I love the people on Facebook, both those that I know personally, and those I don’t know. Are all of my Facebook “friends” really friends? Not really. You see, though I love each person on Facebook, WordPress, etc., only a few are truly friends, while the rest are merely acquaintances. As for the amount of time we spend using social media, it should be done in moderation, just like everything else.

    Those who constantly have a phone in hand, texting, talking, “liking”, etc., have their own little idols. Those who can’t bear to be without their phone, ipad or whatever, have a serious problem with idolatry, and it can ruin their lives and prevent them from developing true relationships. So, in answer to your question about my feelings about social media, I would say it’s great if used in moderation. If it is used in excess, then it has become your idol, and you need to get rid of it.

    God bless you,

    1. Cheryl thank you for your heartfelt and thoughtful response. I do believe it is truly who you are (based on my own God given discernment). All I can say is I agree and amen!

  3. I feel the exact same way. I have definitely grown closer to fellow bloggers and people on Facebook – some I went to school with, and others I have never met in person, but I truly cherish these relationships.

    1. Absolutely, the responses are all wonderful. It is interesting that we sometimes can be more real in the false anonymity of the internet, but we can also be someone we are not. Have to be careful not to be deceived by others, but there those that truly care who we will most likely never ever meet.

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